Whats bike 410?

Bike 410 is Travis Sutton's 600cc 2005 yahama r6.

The r6 was made by Yamaha. See this yamaha link for more information.


Land Speed Record ('LSR') motorcycle racing is a niche sport that is governed by the AMA, SCTA and FIM, with the organizations using their own specific 'division,' 'type,' and 'class' nomenclatures assigned to each type of motorcycle.

Bike 410 was first started with a 1999 r6. Raced for 3 years with one record for 3 days. On August 20 2003 set a record at 156.718 Broke a 10 year production year.. Then fuel injection came out. Was time to build a 2005 r6 From e-bay.. The fream was the only thing new. took about 3 year to build. First year out was just tryin to tune it and Rebiluding it after that.

In 2007 the first record was set with the bike in m-bf at 161.971 that was with 10 psi of boost about 180hp at the rear wheel then. 2008 set two AMA recods in M-BF 172.98 M-BG 173.038 ya bone stock engine for the three records. Allso the first time that bike raced at a BUB met.

In 2009,\


So in short, this is a briefing on Bike 410 happenings so far. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hell we don't care what you think of bike 410 program. All we care about is going fast and setting records!.

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